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Sustainable Development

For the Groupe Dayan, preserving the environment and reducing the ecological footprint are important concerns in daily business activity.

Finalist at the 2012 Energia Awards

The environment is a concern integrated into the core values of the company

Over the years, the company has taken concrete steps to implement an eco-friendly policy such as:

- Using raw or recycled materials in its construction projects.

- Modernizing heating, cooling and lighting systems with the latest technology in centralized energy control.

- Introducing "green" technologies such as green roofs to reduce heat islands.

- Instituting a recycling program for paper and cardboard.

- Implementing a recycling program for glass, plastic and metal.

- Implementing a recycling program for mercury-containing lightbulbs.

The Groupe Dayan’s sustainable development efforts were recognized when the company was named as a finalist at the 2012 Energia Awards, established by the Quebec Association for Energy Management (AQME).

At the Dayan Group, the environment is a collective concern integrated into the core values of the company.